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Between the Earth and the Stars

Drama, romance, fanfic, and all that makes life beautiful.

15 May
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  • lil_rebbitzen@livejournal.com
Basically made this livejournal so I could post stories in the Team Rocket sections...Yeah, that's it. :P It's practice as I work on my fanfiction to post on FF.net. I'll probably end up posting the prompts on FF as well, just to get my work out there.
That's how it originally was. But now I've expanded my interests a bit. I like to RP, right now, but I also write sometimes. I have so many stories I'm working on slowly it isn't even funny.

Fanfiction is my practice for writing an actual novel.

Anywho, I'm Cassandra. As of now, I'm 20, and I live in Atlanta, GA. I'm Jewish, but got stuck going to a Christian school (I have nothing against Christians, mind you, just it's funny I go to that sort of school), and I am most definitely a geek. Seriously, look at my interests.
Um...I'll edit this more later, cause I suck at writing bios... >_>
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