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Between the Earth and the Stars
Drama, romance, fanfic, and all that makes life beautiful.
Important stuff 
3rd-Jan-2035 10:29 pm

So, I came up with a list of my stories thus far, and their order in my timeline. Includes known events, and unwritten fics. Will be updated periodically. For Japanese names, it is given family name first, given second (Japanese order):

(Placeholder for Story list)

|Unknown date: Ginata Isabella Moretti (Madame Boss) and Alden Rochat marry
|November 17, unknown year: Dvorah Hill and Gavriel Awres marry
|August 1st, (1966?): Birth of Iian Giovanni Rochat
|October 21st, (1966?): Birth of Seren Esther Awres
|Unknown date, (1971?): Giovanni befriends Persian, saves him from the Pokemon Collection Agency
|January/February, 1974?: Beginnings/ Giovanni meets Seren
|March, same year: Illness
|Late October, 1977?: Childhood/ Giovanni and Seren pass their Pokemon Trainer's Tests
|October 21st: Birthday/Seren turns 10, and heads off on journey with Giovanni.
|Unknown date: Giovanni and Seren meet Miyamoto "Miya" Hanako  and her future husband, when Miyamoto is charged with watching them while MB and Alden are out of town.
|Unknown Date: G & S meet Domino's future mother, Robin, and her future husband at a Pokemon conference
|January, 1980: Giovanni and Seren kidnapped by a rival of his mother's. (May write a story, but it's pretty gritty)
|Unknown date, Same year: Giovanni's twin siblings, Stefan and "De", are born
November, 1981: Medicine?/Giovanni and Seren run away to Johto after he barely survives an infection he gets from being abused by MB
|Unknown date (1982?): Giovanni asks Gavriel (Seren's father) for her hand in marriage
|Unknown (1983?): Giovanni converts to Judaism to marry her
|Same year: G&S are bethrothed
|Unknown date, 1983: James is born
Unknown date, 1983: Jessie born

|October 2nd, 1984: Giovanni and Seren are married, are subsequently drafted into the army the same day. (Story will be written, not sure what prompt)
|Unknown date: Goivanni, Seren, Miyamoto and her hsuband, Robin and her husband, join the Okami Brigade (Special Forces)
|Unknown Date: Giovanni promoted to head of Okami Brigade, is nicknamed "Okami no Okashira" (Wolf's Head), Seren acquires the nickname "Kitsune"
|Unknown date: Seren and Giovanni are captured by North Korean forces during war, manage to get that squad wiped when they "give up" false information
|November 8th, unknown year (1985/1986?): Rosa-Bree born (?Smile?)
|May 15th, 1989: Hadassah Raphaela Awres (Seren's sister) born
|April 2nd, unknown year (1990?): Domino Mizaki is born
|June 25th, (1991?): Giovanni Jr, Giovanna, Yocheved, and Aino Rochat born
|Unknown date: Miyamoto's husband dies, Miya is forced to adopt out Jessie to have her cared for
|Later that year: Robin's husband dies on mission
|Unknown date: Seren convinces TR executives to let her take out MB, fails mission, but doesn't have cover blown
|unknown date: Miyamoto and Robin go missing in the Andes Mountains on the Mew Mission, Domino is placed in foster care after Giovanni and Seren lose custody battle
|December 1995/1996: Giovanni is sexually abused by Madame Boss (Flashback in Candle), (Event not revealed), Alden Rochat goes missing shortly after
|February of following year: Bare/ Madame Boss is incarcerated in an asylum, TR is controlled for a time by executives; Giovanni is granted custody of his twin siblings for a time until "De" marries, Stefan moves out
|March following year: Bare/Giovanni takes over TR
|August 5th, 1999: Gavriel Jr. (Seren's brother) is born
|1999/2000: Fate/Domino is found after storms rip through Viridian.
Later same year: Giovanni and Seren are granted custody of Domino, adopt her
|May 3rd, 2002: Genevieve "Jenni" Rochat is born
|August 1st, 2003: "Lilly" Rochat is born
|Same year, unknown date: Events of Mewtwo Returns
|Unknown date: Crimson King begins when Junior and Domino are engaged
|April, 2008: Seren and Jessie are kidnapped by rival organization, Seren meets Silver.
|August 2008: Seren, Jessie, and Silver rescued. Seren loses pregnancy when she is attacked by old enemy.
|September: Junior and Domino wed
|October: G&S renew vows
|December: Jessie and James marry

|Early February 2009: Domino discovers she is pregnant
|Early February: Touch (Warning: Adult Content)
|March: After months of trying, Seren concieves
|August: Legacy/Giovanni the 3rd "Van" is born.
|October 2nd: G&S's 25th anniversary, family travels to Israel beforehand
|October 12th: Seren gives birth to triplets (2 boys, 1 girl) in Israel; Elian Gavriel, Alden Kadmiel, and Ahava Eliana
|December: Silver comes to live with his family permanently

Story stuff:
Soundtrack songs:
  • Seren's Theme (Title theme): Tsumi na Bara [Sinful Rose] 
  • Opening Theme: Season's Call (HYDE)
  • Giovanni's theme (title theme): Crimson King (Demons and Wizards)
  • Rosa-Bree's theme: Hoshiyomi~Reading the Stars (Ar Tonelico)
  • G&S's wedding song: Moondance (Van Morrison)
  • 25th anniversary song: Into The Night (Santana)
  • More to come!

Random stuff:
are my


16th-Feb-2010 04:39 am (UTC)
While I was hesitant to read your fics at first, I really do enjoy them. My only real nitpick is that Giovanni and Seren seem like miniature adults when you write them as children. Though, all things considered they probably had to grow up really fast so it's not that big of a deal, it just bugged me a little when I first read "childhood".

But wow, it's hard to describe how much I liked reading "Bare" my penchant for angsty fics aside, it was well written and best of all realistic (after knowing people who have suffered from sexual abuse as well as other types of abuse it annoys me to no end when fanfic writers don't write it properly).
16th-Feb-2010 04:54 am (UTC)
Aw, well thank you! ^_^
Yeah, I'm still learning how to write young kids, so I may go back and rewrite that. Unfortunately, most of the children I know are more mature than you'd think they should be... :/ So, that's probably why...

Whoa, you have no idea what a compliment it is to have someone say that that was realistic. Seriously, I studied psychology unofficially (both reading books and some college-level courses a few year back when I was 17-18), and I was trying to do it correctly. To have someone say it's realistic is great!
May I ask what you found realistic about it (so I can make sure to keep that going whenever I reference the event), and how you found my stuff?

And yes, fanfic writers, or any writers, not bothering to do proper -on any- research on mental disorders and psychological stuff makes me a bit unhappy, since I also know people who were abused and such.
16th-Feb-2010 04:56 am (UTC)
Oh, and incidentally, since they aren't American children, that also adds a bit of adultness to them, or at least to Seren, who grew up for some time in Israel.. (see "Illness")
The children in some cultures are raised differently than ours...
But, that's just my experience from living in Saudi Arabia as a girl...:)
16th-Feb-2010 06:09 am (UTC)
Well, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is, just keep doing what you are doing because it shows that you did your homework when it comes to psychology.

I found your stuff on DA actually (looking for Madame Boss stuff :P)
16th-Feb-2010 06:55 am (UTC)
Nice, I do try...
Of course, having a bunch of friends with psych problems (myself included, though everyone has SOMETHING) helps...

Haha, Yeah, I was searching for stuff and found the drabble there too. :)

Feel free to read more of the stuff. Hopefully the rest is to your liking. <3
16th-Feb-2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
though, I was curious as to where exactly Silver fit into your stories
16th-Feb-2010 11:58 pm (UTC)
Woo, almost posted with my RP account :P

Silver will be popping up in Truth. Since he has an anime counterpart, I'm going with that version. Said anime counterpart has no background, and a extremely brief appearance (the Japanese opening to the Raikou special), so he's a blank slate...
There will be some references so the manga, but that won't be his background.

Thanks for asking!
17th-Feb-2010 03:59 am (UTC)
Yeah, you cross cannons and add your own stuff (hey, I do the same thing) so I was wondering if he would be like from special, the games, or the anime (which, as you said is pretty much blank though I always assumed based off his expression he was less sympathetic then his manga counterpart... but maybe less of a jerk then the game version. maybe.) Though my cannon revolves around the various manga series with little anime references here and there so I expected him to be one of Giovanni and Seren's kids :P

This makes me want to outline my fanfic idea now... for years it's been developing in my head so I never wrote it down though was planning on it.
17th-Feb-2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Hey, it's a Milt...oh wait, that's Ash as a cow.
Hm, steak!

Well, the anime characters like Giovanni have very little real personality, so in order to write an interesting version, I cross canon. My version of Giovanni is a bit closer to Mangaverse; example: you hurt his family, you will probably get left in a pit to die.
He has an odd honor code...
And he definitely goes into Magnificent Bastard territory.

Yeah, I do have him as one of G&S's kids. If you read Letting Go (just posted it last night), one of the twins he mentions is Silver. (although that fic was written while I was in a bad mood, so I'm not sure if the psychology there is as sound)

I have his personality closer to Manga, since in my anime canon, he hasn't been reunited with his parents yet, and is a bit of an a-hole. (anime canon- them in their late 30s; when he's reunited with them, they're around 42...ish; current vs. future)

Let me know when you do, I'd like to see your timeline and ideas. =)
I think this particular version of my stuff has been in my head since 2008...and some from back when I was 12 @_@
17th-Feb-2010 07:15 am (UTC)
Well, I'll be sure to do that :D

though, the ideas themselves are pretty twisted. I mean, it started off as only a little angsty and now it's headed right into Deus Angst Machina territory. (and example being Giovanni's father is based off of Einstein as well as mengele. I think it's because I've always been fascinated with the Dissociation disorders that stem from extreme abuse like that.

...Just to warn you xD.

BUT! There is sunshine and happiness and all that good stuff too! Just... it's probably a little less frequent and not as striking
17th-Feb-2010 07:34 am (UTC)
Wait, can you clarify that first paragraph? For some reason I read it and was like, "Wait, what?"
I think it happened between mentioning Gio's father (what does Alden Rochat have to do with it), and mentioning DID/MPD...
Because if I actually go into DID/MPD territory, it WILL be DAM. :P

Eh, that story (Letting go) probably did come off as extreme angst, mostly because I was in a terrible mood, and needed an outlet. And having them have problems in their marriage because of the one thing actually makes sense to me, given the extreme stress.
But hey, they have some sunshine in the angst ride there... They have their youngest daughters (well, not counting the daughter born recently), they get custody of a deceased friend's daughter (Domino), who fits right in with this strange family...

Eh, the sunshine stuff is mostly after SRCK... I recently realized that my stories seem to be going for almost an "overcoming" theme. It's heavily psychological, and, I've mentioned, a lot of the stuff is based off personal struggles for friends of mine or myself...
And considering I'VE been DAMed before...
Some people just have really bad luck.
Hooray for the TVtropes reference, though!
17th-Feb-2010 08:06 am (UTC)
I was talking about my fic idea being insanely angsty. (not yours lol)

because damn, I'm writing both of his parents being batshit insane... well, Giovanni's father (still havn't quite figured out a nice name yet) started out at least kind of a nice guy ...just having very eccentric ideas and a workaholic but eventually snaps due to various circumstances, passes over the Moral Event Horizon and is eventually killed by madam boss herself... not because she loves her kids but because she see's them as investments. As for her, she was just born a sociopath. She actually reminds me a lot of your version of her.


but I'll tell more about that later ;)
17th-Feb-2010 08:35 am (UTC)
Well, be specific next time! :P
Cause I was like, "I know Gavriel referred to Giovanni as 'son' but I thought I said that he was Seren's Dad..."
Although I'm unsure as to what "as well as mengele" means..
Haha, when you said Einstein, I was like, "Well, Gavriel IS Jewish...)

My name for his Dad is Alden. Means "Old friend" in old english...they named one of their last children after him, too.
Of course, the triplets got weird, poetic names, but...
Go read Illness, and you'll see my version of him... he's a sweetheart. :) I feel sorry for him having to put up with a crazy wife. He eventually has to divorce her to keep Giovanni and his siblings safe...she wasn't happy about that at all (he was where HER money came from; he owned a rather profitable Jewelry business that Giovanni took over when Alden disappeared... Rochat Jewelry, anyone? =D)
Yeah, I toyed with the idea that maybe something actually set her off, but I think I'm just going to have her being a psychopathic/sociopathic bitch that decided around the time Giovanni turned 9 fake being sick, and stop playing nice...
I can't to write Stage ("Finale") just so Giovanni can finally break all emotional ties, including the bad ones, to his mother the bitch. It will be GLORIOUS...
but it won't happen timeline wise until a few years after Silver comes to live with them. >_>

And it doesn't get worse until you kill off a character's kid... (I've killed off at least one of G&S's kids. It was not pleasant to write about, given my own fears about maybe not having children later in life.)
Or maybe it does :P
But a child's death has been the turning point for them...twice.
17th-Feb-2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
I'll try to be more specific when talking about my fics then :P

(PS: everything I am about to say concerns my own fic idea... but dand, I need to read some more of your fics)

(Josef) Mengele was a nazi scientist infamous more his fascination for twins and pretty brutal human experimentation. Known as "The angel of death" and "the beautiful devil" but the people who lived in concentration camps.

There was actually boatloads more angst that was going to be part of my canon, but I actually cut off parts of it because... well, hasn't he suffered enough?

I toyed with idea of giving Giovanni more then one kid but it always just struck me that Silver was his first and only child. Though, I was wondering what to do with Silver's mother seemingly not being around in any canon, I had a few ideas, but I think I may ultimately settle on she just wasn't the sort of person who can handle a long term relationship with someone like Giovanni. Hey, she tried her best but not everybody can do that. Considering she was somewhat based off of Delia that she married a different trainer and had a manga-equivalent of Ash (since he doesn't really exist in the pokemon special manga, though I was only inspired to do this after seeing a picture of Ash, pikachu, Caterpie and Misty drawn in MATO's style.) and just isn't communicating with them anymore because she's done with that chapter of her life. Yeah, it's a bit of a bummer it didn't work out but considering my other two options were either "kill her" or "have her transported to what is assumed is the distortion world like Archie and Cyrus have" I decided to go with the least angsty and most realistic option.
17th-Feb-2010 09:28 pm (UTC)
ugh, I keep almost commenting with my RP account... >_>
Most of the fics have the tag "fanfic" so you can find most of them that way.

Sorry, Jewish...
Haha, our versions of his father are completely different. :)

Hm, Manga Gio probably has just Silver, or Silver's the eldest. Anime Gio (my fanon)...he's similarly loyal to his family, but he definitely has more than one...
I think the last count was 11.
Yeah, he and Seren have been...busy. And what's wrong with that? They've got plenty of money, they make sure they spend plenty of time with all of them...
Besides, Jewish and Italian families are both known for large families :P Mix the two, and there most certainly will be.
Too bad Junior and Silver are the only males that really count (the two boys in the triplet group aren't even 6 months yet)...
"Giovanni: I'm drowning in the estrogen ocean D:
Seren: Hey, not my fault you couldn't pop a Y gene out more often..."
But at least Domino popped out a grandson :)

Poor Giovanni D=.
I would kick her ass for not sticking around...
but that's just me.
I think it's still angsty, seeing how she left him, but... :/
Hm, you wouldn't happen to have the pic handy, would you?
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